Chancaca Nutritional Info

Chancaca is a raw, organic, and unrefined cane sugar that makes a great additive-free substitute for traditional refined white and brown sugar. Chancaca is the perfect unbleached, unrefined sweetener to use in place of refined sugars. Because its sugar stream is not separated from the molasses, chancaca is able to retain most of its essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Its unique processing gives it a mild, caramel-like flavor which is superb for baking and sweetening food and drinks.

Chancaca is a pure, wholesome, traditional, unrefined, and non-centrifugal whole sugar. It contains the natural goodness of minerals and vitamins inherently present in sugarcane, making it one of the most wholesome and healthy foods in the world. Its natural tropical flavor gives it an edge over any other product of the same kind!

Preliminary Health Research
Rich in natural molasses, chancaca is one step removed from the sugarcane and is on par with honey as a completely raw and natural sweetener. In fact, its nutritional content has more in common with honey than white or brown sugar. And unlike white and brown sugar, chancaca retains minerals and nutrients including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron.

Magnesium strengthens the nervous system. Potassium is vital to conserve the acid balance in the cells and combats acids and acetone. Iron, a component of hemoglobin, prevents anemia. Interestingly, chancaca has 5 times more minerals than brown sugar!

Panela has been discovered to have some unique medicinal properties--
--Whole sugar prevents tooth decay. --Constipation (in babies), which is veery frequent with white sugar, disappears.
--Natural high energy replacement.
--Prevents nutritious anemia.
--Whole sugar prevents rickets.
--Thrush or aphthae rarely returns. --Children are more lively and full of vitality.