Andean Rose Salt

Andean Rose Salt

Scientific Name
Andean Rose Salt


Production Areas
Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Powder, Fine, Ground, Course 1-2mm, and Course 2-5mm

Pink Salt Nutritional Info

Pink salt is one of Bolivia’s products that has great export potential. The Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE) indicates that the main destinations of this mineral are Japan, Brazil, Taiwan and Germany, in order of importance.

Lamps, vases and pink salt stones are especially demanded by decorating homes and select SPA from developed countries like the United States, Japan and Canada; it also is used in haute cuisine.

Pink salt captures photon energy from the sun, storing it for years in salt crystals. It provides 84 biologically active minerals easily assimilated by the cells, improving electrolyte balance in the internal fluids, especially blood. It optimizes the assimilation of nutrients in our daily food.

Preliminary Health Research
Rose or Andean salt is rock crystal salt, 100% organic and natural, which was named for its pink coloring; it usually appears in the Andean highlands of Peru.

Pink salt purges the connective tissue and stimulates the drainage of toxic material, generating weight loss. It improves mood, provides greater energy, and stimulates the defense system of our body. Pink salt also prevents intestinal putrefaction, normalizes blood pressure values, dissolves and removes sediments leading to the formation of gravel and stones, and reduces discomfort caused by arthritis and rheumatic diseases. Additionally, it reduces the craving for addictive substances and soothes skin diseases, causing genuine cleaning from the inside out. It helps eliminate heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, dental amalgams, etc.), due to its ability to vitalize their molecular structures for the body to get rid of them.

As a replacement for table salt, it provides 84 minerals easily assimilated. The intake produces weight loss, stimulates our defense system, optimizes the assimilation of nutrients, prevents intestinal putrefaction, relieves skin diseases, removal of heavy metals, and reduces arthritic discomfort.

The first and most compelling short-term cost, antioxidant, reduced levels of diphenyl picrylhydrazyl. It also decreases some symptoms of hypertension, such as dizziness.

The most renowned chefs in the culinary world appreciate the great benefits of pink salt because it is excellent with any type of food, even preparing some desserts.

The most practical way to consume the pink salt is by dissolution in water. It is also in demand for its health benefits.

It is also used in baths of highly concentrated salt solutions to treat serious skin problems like psoriasis, in eye washes, in mouthwashes and dental hygiene, and body scrubs. This practice detoxifies the skin and increases energy.